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Seven Marketing Message Tips For Newtown Square, PA Businesses

How are things for you these days? How’s business going for you? I’d love to hear an update on your business … so drop me a comment, when you get a chance. I’d also enjoy hearing from you about if there’s another way we could serve you and your business? Are there any decisions looming […]

Cashflow & Expense Controls (Cash Is King For Newtown Square, PA Businesses, Part 2)

Every Monday, you and I must put aside the concerns of our families, shake off the detritus of the weekend and concentrate on one critical task: serving our business well. That might sound like an “employee mindset” strategy, but the fact remains (as you are no doubt aware) that you have a multiplicity of employees, […]

Cash Is King For Newtown Square, PA Businesses

If you’re like me, you’re intensely tired of politicians who claim that a simple tweak of government policy will change our economic picture and establish some kind of financial juggernaut. That’s just not reality. If you look at the data, you realize: 1) Small businesses have generated over 65% of the net new jobs since […]

How To Increase Productivity For Newtown Square, PA Businesses

I LOVE my clients, full stop — especially my business owner clients. You “get” what it takes for me to run a firm, to communicate effectively with my team, to manage our marketing, to stay on top of technology (a fast-growing *discipline*, I’d say), and to ensure that all the parts are running smoothly. When […]

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