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Killer Momentum

So here we are, finding ourselves about to begin a beautiful Newtown Square, PA fall… Isn’t it amazing how quickly time has flown by in 2014? Soon we’ll be halfway through this century’s second decade. And I still remember holding my breath at Y2K! Crazy. There’s a reason for my mini-meditation, today, on time and […]

In Pennsylvania’s Legislature, the grab goes on

Here is a news article that I would like to share with you from Steve Venuti DOES THE FACT that the Legislature runs a shameless system of doling out daily expenses encourage abuse of tax dollars and help line the pockets of pols? As they say in some political quarters, you betcha. So here’s […]

Stephen Venuti Reveals 3 Significant Marketing Mistakes (Part 3 of 3)

An honest question for you: how’s business, as we wrap up the summer? Is there anything I can do to help you this week? I obviously take pleasure in helping my clients and business owner friends thrive during this craziness in our culture and economy, and my weekly Notes are just one way I’m happy […]

I would be lost, broke and probably in jail without Stephen Venuti

I would be lost, broke and probably in jail without Stephen Venuti. I owed Federal income taxed every year before I started using Steve. Since 2007 he has guided me and my finances to a healthy coexistence that nets a refund. Shannon Mouton Gray