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Venuti’s 2016 Tax Return Documents Cheat Sheet

Everybody in the tax world is talking about identity theft this year. Software companies are getting attacked by scammers (TaxSlayer is the most recent victim), and certain states are delaying their refunds to guard against it. So the BEST way to ensure that your information doesn’t get used fraudulently is to file your taxes as […]

Stephen Venuti On How To Win Back Lost Customers

I’m going to start with some tax info, because, well — ’tis the season. And after I get through this little bit, I’m going to help your business add some pretty easy revenue, if you are willing. And believe it or not, our calendar is getting full for the next few weeks. So if you […]

Stephen Venuti On The Demise Of “Needs-Based” Selling

I wrote some of this to my personal clients, but since you’re more in my “small business” zone, I wanted to make sure you saw it … because there have been a lot of rumblings over the past week or two that the economy is about to go under. My thoughts? That may be true, […]

Sales Methods: Stephen Venuti’s Key To Small Business Success

I write often to my business owner clients about their media intake — and the kinds of things we’re allowing in front of our eyes and ears so that we can remain sharp and focused on the kinds of things we need to be focused on as leaders. That’s certainly true of media intake, but […]

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