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Stephen Venuti On A Smarter Way To Screen New Staff

Last week I encouraged you to take a hard look at the staff you’re “running with”, and whether they’re helping you or not. And I mentioned that I’d be back with some counter-intuitive thinking about screening and interviewing potential employees who will actually help you. Here’s what’s great about the approach I’m about to share: […]

Stephen Venuti Discusses A Company Culture Problem and a 3-Step Plan to Employ a Great Team

Have you ever read Michael Lewis’ book The Big Short? It can be scary reading, even now, after the market has “recovered”. Though the reality behind that recovery may not be very firm, as I suppose we are still discovering, even now, years later. But the book is a fascinating look at the systemic issues […]

Your Quick Guide to Dumping Bad Business Debt

Last week, I talked about dumping your worries in the right place. Well, there’s another thing to get rid of this week. I hate sitting down with a business owner who got in over their head with financing. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes too late when I do — and the potential solutions end up being moot. […]

Stephen Venuti’s Key to Getting Rid of Worry Over Your Small Business

You ever lie awake at night, thinking about your business? Yeah, me too. Tax season, especially, keeps me and my team running a little crazy, and the adrenaline of handling so many clients, and doing it well, sometimes lasts into the night for me. (Also, the adrenaline high we get when we find mistakes made […]