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Stephen J. Venuti, CPA, MST, LLC
Phone: (610) 353-0686
6 Saint Albans Avenue
Newtown Square, PA 19073

Call Us: (610) 353-0686
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For Families and Small Businesses in the
Newtown Square Area Looking for Someone to Trust

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Venuti’s 7 Things You Must Know About Your Existing Customers

I wrote some of this to my individual (non-business) contacts, but I wanted to share with you as well … I think there are two components to our shared reaction about the events in Paris on Friday. On one hand, we have the grief… Seeing those gruesome images, imagining the regular families whose lives have […]

Venuti On Creating Clear Customer Service Expectations

One of the great tasks of a business owner, as I see it, is to be the one who sets a direction for the communication of your business’ message. It’s become quite a task with so many consumers and clients having their own “bullhorn” (if you will) on social media, blogs, etc. CLARITY in your […]

Stephen Venuti’s 3 Ways To Get Your Business Out of Survival Mode

So, last week I wrote about holding firm on your pricing, and how important it is for the survival of your business. Got some nice feedback, and for that I’m grateful. We make it our goal to come alongside our business owner clients and contacts to help them think beyond their books and “just” their […]

Evaluating Your Business Structure In Newtown Square, PA

Hopefully, if you’re a parent, you’re enjoying some of the fruits of the Parent Tax ( It is, after all, one of the rare times when we get to be the taxing authorities But however you may handle that issue (and that article up there gets really, really geeky about it) … may I suggest […]