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Stephen Venuti On How To Stop Analysis Paralysis and Start Dreaming Big

The last few weeks, I’ve been writing with my accountant’s “green shades” firmly in place. Which is fitting, because after all, this is what I do. But here’s when what we are really about here at Team Venuti might surprise you a little. You see, running a business with success requires more than just protecting […]

Stephen Venuti Reveals Five Foundational Small Business Tax Strategies

So, last week I covered 11 basics for ensuring your business doesn’t get audited, and I’m glad to see the response I was hoping for: clients emailing me, thanking us and also a few who are battening down the hatches a little more tightly as a result. That’s always a good thing. Now then, I’d […]

Thanks for treating my refunds like the IRS owed you refunds

Hi Stephen, In July 2014, I returned to work from vacation and my employer informed me that the IRS had sent them a Notice of Levy. You worked quickly and prevented the IRS from getting one dollar from my paycheck and more importantly, you made the time to have a telephone call to answer all […]

Venuti’s 11 Expert Tips To Audit-Proof Your Business

How can I make sure I don’t get audited? What are my chances of getting an audit? If I take that deduction, will it raise a red flag? These are just a few of the questions we receive, probably about every week from our Newtown Square, PA business clients (there’s more, but I don’t want […]