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Stephen Venuti’s Tips For Growing Your Business

We are mourning with those who have been affected by the brutal events in Orlando this past weekend. What a horrific event, and regardless of what you might think about how our political leaders (and we) should respond, let’s all remember that there many very pained families right now, and they deserve our prayers. In […]

Three Key Tips To Effective Marketing Messages For Newtown Square, PA Businesses

Firstly, a reminder to most of my business owner friends, but in this instance about your personal taxes (because most of you have to deal with this): estimated taxes for the second quarter are due June 15th. This one always feels as if it came a little quick (2 months instead of the normal 3), […]

Stephen Venuti: What The Newtown Square, PA Small Business Owner Needs To Focus On

I hope that your Memorial Day weekend around Newtown Square, PA (or wherever you are!) was fantastic. I hope you enjoyed it. This business owner had some work to do, but a quiet office is my friend. In thinking about the spirit of the weekend past, I was reminded of how very grateful I am […]

Newtown Square, PA Business Owner’s Guide To The New Overtime Rules

Don’t you just love new government regulations? (And I say that with my strongest southern drawl, as in: Isn’t that just precious??) You might have heard that the White House unveiled new overtime rules recently (on Wednesday, May 18th). It’s obviously been all over the news, and debate is raging about them. And it’s true […]

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