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8 Tips for Small Business Growth for Newtown Square, PA Business Owners

It’s easy to make excuses when you run a business… “The economy stinks.” (And yes, the Chinese markets have dived 9 percent, and the dollar is taking a tumble too. It does affect you … but wait for what I have to say.) “Funding dried up.” “The big chains are killing me.” “My employees are […]

7 Common “Offer in Compromise” Mistakes

Stephen Venuti Answers an Important Tax Resolution Question A fellow CPA called me yesterday to refer one of his tax clients. His client owed the IRS some money for prior year returns that were prepared by the IRS. His question was simple. His client wanted to settle his IRS Tax Debt for “Pennies on the […]

Venuti’s 5 SMART Rules to Setting Business Goals

When I get together with my business owner clients, we try to look at EVERY aspect of their business (not just their books) … but also what’s *behind* the books (marketing, sales, management, etc.). The good news for my business owner clients is that when we put in place clear metrics and financial reports, they […]

Stephen Venuti’s 5 Fresh Small Business Strategies For You

Don’t you just love Congressional tricks? One of my personal “favorites” is when they cram a bunch of unrelated business into their bills. Which is what just recently happened, and it could affect you… H.R. 3236, popularly known as “The Surface Transportation and Veterans Health Care Choice Improvement Act of 2015” (yes, that’s how these […]

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