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Stephen Venuti’s 4 Steps to Business Networking Done RIGHT

Before I get to the meat of my article today, I did want to encourage you, as a business owner, to take a good, hard look at your revenue for the year so far, and consider a few tax possibilities before it’s too late. 1) Project your income for the year and estimate your basic […]

Stephen Venuti’s 5 Marketing Rules for 2015

Have you noticed that traditional styles of advertising are getting more and more stale? That’s because the internet has torn down so many different barriers that we don’t realize how much has changed, until we take a look at the real numbers. And across many different businesses that friends of mine own, in many different […]

Stephen Venuti’s Last 2 Keys to Chopping Costs Correctly

Since I make it my practice to put together this missive on Monday mornings, I don’t yet have any commentary about this week’s midterm elections. Once everything settles out, I’m sure I’ll have something to say. Because there are so many “hidden costs” with all of our everyday decisions (in business AND life) … and […]

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