Dear Steve, Well it’s finally over! I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me settle my case with the IRS. If it wasn’t for you and your guidance I would have given up and paid the tax along with the penalty and late charges. You saw right through the IRS’s bluff and wouldn’t allow me to fall into their trap. No matter what they threw at me (and they threw a lot), you figured it out and we were able to deliver. I am so glad I had you amend my 07 taxes! You were worth every penny. I am especially grateful that you caught several mistakes in my 06 taxes and amended them as well. That was another nice bonus$$$!!! I guess the old saying is true “you get what you pay for”. I was paying a low rate to get my taxes done incorrectly. So having said that, I am reminded of another old saying “you live and you learn”. Did I learn a lesson! I invite you to tell my story to anyone who walks in your door with an IRS audit. Tell them like you told me to hang in there and fight. Keep telling them that they can win. The IRS will threaten and intimidate you like a bully. What they didn’t count on was the 800 pound gorilla I had in my corner making them look like a monkey. Who would have thought that the IRS would end up owing me money??? It was because of your experience, your knowledge and your connections that we were able to win. You turned a nightmare into a financially rewarding dream, that to me is priceless. The IRS can not come back and question my status as a Real Estate Professional again. Please feel free to use me as a recommendation. Thank You,

Joseph Tierney
Turned a Nightmare into a Financially Rewarding Dream